Everything you should know about the Notion Affiliate Program: 2024 Review

Earn đź’¸ with the updated Notion Affiliate Program! We crafted this guide after analyzing countless reviews and success stories from Notion affiliates, saving you the effort. If you're always recommending Notion, now you can earn 50% of all payments when your referrals upgrade. There's no cap on earnings, making it a lucrative opportunity to convert your recommendations into profit.

Jun 27, 2024
Everything you should know about the Notion Affiliate Program: 2024 Review
Do you love using Notion? Imagine getting paid for doing what you love! The Notion Affiliate Program lets you earn money by promoting a product you already enjoy.
Whether you have a blog, a YouTube channel, a social media following, or a network of friends and colleagues, it’s a great way for Notion enthusiasts like you to turn your passion into profit.
By spreading the word about Notion, you can earn a generous commission—50% of all referred payments. The best part? There's no cap on your earnings.
We made this guide after researching numerous reviews and success stories of Notion affiliates, so you don’t have to.
This guide covers everything about the Notion Affiliate Program, from basics like how to apply and eligibility, to tips for a successful application. We’ll also discuss challenges in promoting Notion and how to overcome them and successfully earn money as an affiliate 🤑
So stay tuned till the end!

What is the Notion Affiliate Program?

The Notion Affiliate Program is an initiative designed for individuals and organizations who love Notion and want to promote it. This program allows affiliates to earn commissions by referring new users to Notion. It’s an excellent opportunity for bloggers, writers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, and other content creators to monetize their influence and support a tool they are passionate about.

How It Works

The process is straightforward:
  1. Sign Up: Join the Notion Affiliate Program through their affiliate portal.
  1. Promote Notion: Use your unique affiliate link to refer Notion to your audience. You can share this link via your blog, social media, newsletters, podcasts, or any other platform you use. You’ll have access to our Affiliates Resource Center with promotional best practices, guides, videos, and more.
  1. Earn Commissions: When someone signs up for a paid Plus, Business, or AI plan using your referral link, you earn a 50% commission for one year on all new signups.

Eligibility Criteria

Ideally, anyone can join the program, but according to the Notion website you will find more success if you are one of the following:
  • A blogger or writer
  • An entrepreneur
  • An educator
  • A member of media networks (news, podcasts)
  • An email newsletter creator
  • A content creator or influencer
  • A Notion community leader, ambassador, or template creator
  • An AI influencer or content creator
Here is the official page of the Notion Affiliate Program.
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Commission Structure

The program has a lucrative commission structure:
  • Affiliates earn 50% of all payments for the first 12 months on net-new signups that upgrade to paid Plus, Business, or AI plans.
  • There’s no cap on the amount you can earn. The larger the team you refer, the bigger your rewards.
Here are some examples of potential earnings:
  • 2-person Plus Annual Plan: $100 x 2 = $200. You get paid $100.
  • 20-person Plus Annual Plan: $100 x 20 = $2,000. You get paid $1,000.
  • 50-person Plus Annual Plan: $100 x 50 = $5,000. You get paid $2,500.
Net new workspaces that upgrade to a paid Plus or Business plan within 180 days of clicking your affiliate link will be eligible for the affiliate commission. Commissions are paid on a last-click basis, so your link must be the last touch point before the user signs up.
For more details about affiliate fees and payment terms, check this link.

Support and Resources Provided by Notion

Notion ensures its affiliates have all the resources they need to succeed:
  • Affiliates Resource Center: You get access to Notion’s Affiliates Resource Center with promotional best practices, guides, videos, and more.
  • Translated Assets and Support: Affiliate resources and support are available in multiple languages, including Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French.
  • PartnerStack Integration: Easily generate multiple links and track your rewards through the PartnerStack platform.
  • Comprehensive Support: Access to dedicated support to help you with any queries or issues you might encounter.

A Complete Guide to the Application Process

Step-by-Step Process

Follow these steps to get started:
  1. Visit the Notion Affiliate Program Page: Navigate to the official Notion Affiliate Program page.
  1. Sign Up on PartnerStack: Click on the "Apply Now" button to be redirected to the PartnerStack platform, which manages Notion's affiliate program.
  1. Join Now or Login: If you’re already a partner, simply login to PartnerStack. If you don’t have an account, you will need to create one by providing your details and filling out the form.
  1. Fill Out the Application Form: Complete the application form with the necessary information, including your name, contact details, and information about your website or social media channels. For tips for a successful application, read here.
  1. Agree to the Terms: Review and accept the terms and conditions of the affiliate program.
  1. Submit Your Application: Once all information is filled out, submit your application for review.
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Necessary Information for Application

When applying for the Notion Affiliate Program, make sure you have the following information ready:
  • Personal Information: Your name, email address, and contact details.
  • Platform Information: URLs and details about your website, blog, or social media profiles where you plan to promote Notion.
  • Audience Details: Information about your audience, including demographics and engagement metrics.
  • Promotion Strategy: A brief explanation of how you intend to promote Notion and attract referrals.

Approval Process and Timeline

After submitting your application, the Notion team will review it to ensure it meets their criteria. Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. The approval process generally includes a quality check where the Notion team will assess the quality of your platform and its relevance to their target audience. They will also verify the legitimacy of your platform and your promotional plan.
The approval process usually takes a few days to a week. If approved, you’ll receive further instructions on how to get started with the program.

Tips for a Successful Application

To increase your chances of being accepted into the Notion Affiliate Program, consider the following tips:
  • Ensure all fields in the application form are filled out comprehensively and accurately.
  • Highlight your audience size, engagement rates, and any previous experience with affiliate marketing.
  • Clearly outline how you plan to promote Notion, including specific strategies and platforms you will use.
  • Show how your content and audience align with Notion’s target market.
  • Ensure that your website or social media profiles are professional, well-designed, and regularly updated. You might even want to create a dedicated site for promoting Notion.
By following these basic guidelines and having a clear plan of action, getting approved for the Notion Affiliate Program should be straightforward. Once approved, you can start creating more content around Notion and monetize your audience effectively.

Common Challenges Faced By Affiliates

Notion Affiliate Program can be a great way to earn money, but it comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some common issues you might face as a Notion affiliate, along with tips on how to overcome them and where to find support.
  1. Low Conversion Rates
  1. Running out of fresh ideas for promoting Notion.
  1. Difficulty in accurately tracking your performance and understanding your metrics.
  1. Notion’s affiliate goals often focus on referring larger teams to their platform, which can be challenging for smaller creators whose audience mainly consists of single-person workspaces.

Solutions and Tips to Overcome Challenges

Boosting Conversion Rates

  • Create content that addresses specific pain points or needs of a niche audience. For example, how Notion can solve HR pain points or how Notion is helpful for teachers.
"Imagine the types of teams that can use Notion and create content around that, focusing on the problems Notion solves for them. Think CRM, construction teams, social media teams, affiliate teams, copywriting teams, and more.” - Marcus, Content Creator and Notion Partner, shared in his youtube video
  • Make sure your CTAs are compelling and clearly visible. Guide your audience on what to do next.
  • Since Notion also pays commissions on upgrades to their AI product, which is more accessible for single users, promote these features to increase conversions.

Refreshing Content Ideas

  • Produce tutorials, comparison videos, how-to guides, and case studies showing different ways to use Notion.
  • Utilize tools such as Semrush or AutoComplete to explore popular and highly searched keywords. Check if content has already been created on those topics. Focus on selecting ideas that are relevant to team-related topics whenever possible.

Improving Performance Tracking

  • Frequently check your PartnerStack dashboard to stay updated on your performance metrics.
  • Experiment with different types of content and CTAs to see what works best. Use the data to optimize your strategies.

Strategies for Smaller Creators

  • Promote AI Upgrades: Highlight Notion’s AI features, which might be more appealing and easier for individual users to upgrade.
  • Sell Notion Templates: A great alternative is selling Notion templates. There are people making thousands of dollars selling Notion templates. Create and sell templates that cater to specific needs and use cases, providing value to single users and smaller teams.
"Not a lot of people are using this yet, but Notion’s PartnerStack allows you to create custom links for Notion. So, what I’ve done is use these links for my templates that I sell online on Gumroad. When someone clicks the link to duplicate, it's actually an affiliate link. This means that if, within 180 days of purchasing my template or getting one of my free templates, they upgrade their Notion account, I get paid. ” - Sam Bird (Content Creator and Notion Consultant) You can check this YouTube video where he talks about ways to make money with the Notion affiliate program.

Notion Template Affiliate Programs

Even if you don’t create templates yourself, you can still earn money by promoting the Notion templates of popular creators. These template creators sell their products on Gumroad, and have affiliate programs for their templates. You can earn a percentage of every sale you refer. Check out these posts where Notion creators discuss their affiliate programs and how you can earn money by reselling their popular templates: NotionGlobe, Solt Wagner, and SteffyNotion.

Build Courses

Share your expertise by creating courses on how to use Notion effectively. With affiliate marketing being a $17 billion industry annually, there's significant earning potential as the Notion ecosystem grows rapidly.
Many creators, such as Solt Wagner, Molly Jones, and Sam Bird, regularly post about their courses. Check out this post for reference:

Support and Community Resources

If you ever feel stuck, there’s plenty of support available:
  1. PartnerStack Support: Reach out to PartnerStack’s customer support for any technical issues or questions about tracking your affiliate link.
  1. Notion Affiliate Community: Join forums and social media groups dedicated to Notion affiliates. These communities are great for sharing tips, getting feedback, and finding inspiration. Else you can also join Notion communities on Reddit, Linkedin, X, etc. Here are some active Notion communities you can join: Reddit, Facebook, Discord, X.
  1. Official Resources: Utilize Notion’s official resources like tutorials, webinars, and documentation. Staying updated with the latest features and use cases can give you new ideas for promoting.

Updates and Changes in 2024

Notion revamped and updated its affiliate program to leverage the influence of individual creators who effectively promote Notion on platforms like YouTube.
Offering a substantial 50% commission on first-year payments, Notion aims to maximize the impact of these creators' content as a potent marketing tool.
Check out this post by Finn McKenty for insights on why Notion revamped its affiliate program after discontinuing it.

New Features or Changes in the Notion Affiliate Program for 2024

  • Global Expansion: Since the relaunch of the Notion Affiliate Program, it has grown to include over 13,000 partners and has expanded globally. This means that no matter where you live, you can now earn money by recommending Notion to your network.
  • Translated Resources: To support its global reach, Notion has introduced translated assets and support in multiple languages, including Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French.
  • Multi-Currency Support: Affiliates can now withdraw their earnings in various currencies, such as USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, AUD, and NZD, making it easier to manage their commissions.
  • Improved Tracking and Attribution: The program now features better signup attribution and an extended upgrade attribution tracking window of 180 days. This means more accurate tracking and potentially higher earnings for affiliates.
Check out this post made by a Notion employee about the updates and how it’s better now:

Future Outlook and Trends

Looking ahead, the Notion Affiliate Program is set to grow even more. They plan to add more tools and features to help affiliates succeed.
Notion is also focusing on making it easier for affiliates to track their referrals and reach a global audience. Even though it's a competitive market with many people using Notion to earn money, Notion is committed to supporting its affiliates.

Exploring Other Affiliate Opportunities

According to Marcus, a content creator and Notion partner:
"My recommendation is to not stop at Notion, but to join other affiliate programs as well. Use Similar Web to check out other sites related to Notion—many of them likely have affiliate programs too.”
If the Notion Affiliate Program interests you, you should also check out the affiliate programs of other Notion tools. Many Notion tools like Noteforms, NotionApps, HelpKit, Notionlytics have their affiliate programs. We will talk about one of them in this blog.

Introduction to NotionApps

NotionApps is a no-code tool to build apps from Notion databases. One can build powerful apps for various use cases like Client Portals, CRMs, Directories, Community Hubs, Partner Portals, etc. All without writing any code and directly on top of Notion.

NotionApps Affiliate Program

  • Earn 30% of all payments made by users you refer in the first 12 months.
  • A 365-day cookie period gives you plenty of time to turn your leads into paying customers.
  • Your own unique affiliate link to track all your referrals and earnings.

How to Register as a NotionApps Affiliate

  1. Try the Tool: Before promoting NotionApps, sign up and familiarize yourself with the tool. Explore the App Templates and Documentation to understand its capabilities and use cases.
  1. Register as an Affiliate: Sign up for the affiliate program at NotionApps Affiliate Signup. Create your unique affiliate link.
  1. Promote NotionApps: Use your affiliate link to share NotionApps on your platforms, such as your website, blog, social media channels, and email newsletters.
notion image

How to Earn Money with NotionApps

Content about “building apps from Notion”
The concept of an app builder for Notion users is still novel and has the potential to garner organic impressions or go viral. Develop engaging content about building apps with Notion. This could be blog posts, YouTube videos, social media threads, or newsletters.
Here are a couple of examples,
Video preview
Upsell to Notion Clients
We saw the project value of Notion consultants increasing up to 100% with NotionApps. NotionApps multiplies the use cases of Notion by enabling businesses to create apps for their stakeholders who do not want to or cannot access Notion directly. These can be apps for clients, community members, partners, or even internal teams that are not on Notion. This means you can upsell your services to solve more use cases for your clients.
Some examples,
  • If you are working with an agency owner to build their Notion workspace, you can use NotionApps to also build a Client Portal to improve their client relations.
  • If you are working with a fitness studio and their Notion setup, you can use NotionApps to build a Community Hub for their members.
  • If you are automating processes for an enterprise using Notion, you can build task tracker apps for different teams to access different task/project data.
Create App Templates
App templates are pre-built apps that can be cloned into one’s account. NotionApps is looking for experts to create more domain-specific and use-case-specific templates.
To list your app as an app template, you can share the app link with help@notionapps.com.
The app template will be listed and marked with your name and profile. If a website visitor, clones your app template and becomes a paid user, you will be eligible for the affiliate commission. Once published, you can share the app template link with your audience and clients.
Host Events
The ability to build apps from Notion without coding opens many possibilities for founders and businesses who are already using it.
Since it is relatively new, there is scope to engage the audience in your communities by conducting events (offline or online) on this topic.
If you have an event planned, the NotionApps team will contribute and support you with the needed resources.


Reflecting on the launch of Notion's affiliate program, it's clear they're targeting Team plans to attract more serious users as Notion gains traction among businesses and larger companies.
While most users enjoy Notion's free plan, the new affiliate incentives are designed to encourage affiliates to focus on converting teams into paying customers. This shift offers affiliates a chance to tap into a profitable market.
Whether you're new to affiliate programs or experienced, joining Notion's affiliate program is a great way to earn from your audience. You don't have to be a big creator to start out— even a small following can earn you some bucks and make this a passive income stream.


How long do commissions last?
Commissions last for the lifetime of the account unless otherwise stated.
How do I get paid?
At the end of each month, your commissions are calculated and available for cash-out via PayPal or Stripe (alternative methods available for non-PayPal regions).
When do I get paid?
Payments are verified and paid-out the month after your commission is earned. For example, any commissions earned in February will be available on March 16th.
How long do cookies last for?
Cookies used to track your referrals last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days starts anew.
What is PartnerStack?
PartnerStack provides you with the tools and resources needed to promote our product and rewards you for your efforts.
What if a user downgrades?
If a user downgrades from a paying monthly plan to a free plan or receives a refund within the first 2 months of the subscription, we may claw back the reward or deduct the amount from future commissions.
Which workspaces are eligible for affiliate commissions?
Net new workspaces that upgrade to a paid Plus or Business plan within 180 days of clicking your affiliate link are eligible for the affiliate commission. Commissions are paid on a last-click basis, so your link must be the last touch point before the user signs up.
What terms apply to the Notion Affiliate Program?
Your participation in the Notion Affiliate Program is governed by the Notion Marketing Program Participant Terms, along with this Program Resource Guide and any Program Policies provided from time to time.