Convert Notion databases into

Choose what data is shared with each user. Customize the app with lists, login, menus, forms, and 25+ components.

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NotionApps - Build apps from Notion databases in minutes | Product Hunt

Not Notion pages, share apps

A drag and drop tool to build mobile apps from Notion and share instantly with a web link. Apps can be public or private and are responsive on all devices.

šŸš€ live in minutes

šŸ”— no coding required

šŸ“± mobile friendly

Turn Notion data into beautiful lists

image-based lists

sorting & filtering


Apps are easy to build

live preview

drag and drop

Customize to suit your requirements

visualize data with 25+ components

add forms to update and add data to Notion

Apps can be public or private

custom domain

shared by a link

enable login

Control what data is shared

user specific data

Apps seamlessly integrate with Notion

single-click reload

real-time syncing


Features on NotionApps

Build in minutes

Use our drag-drop builder to build apps without a single line of code.

Features on NotionApps

Linked to Notion

Apps are synced to your Notion databases and are easy to manage.

Features on NotionApps


Create form screens in the app to add new items to your databases.

Features on NotionApps

Update & View data

Create screens to view and update data, the edits are auto synced.

Features on NotionApps

Enable Login

For private apps, configure users (email addresses) who can login to the app.

Features on NotionApps

User specific data

Manage database restrictions to control what Notion data your users can see.

Features on NotionApps

Blazing fast

Apps always load fast even for large databases that are slow on Notion.

Features on NotionApps

Easy to use

Apps are easy on the eye, easy to use and can be accessed with a web link.

Features on NotionApps

Custom domain

Apps are shared by a link and can connect to your own domain/subdomain.

Features on NotionApps

Cross platform

Apps are mobile-friendly and work on any platform - web, Android and iOS.

Privacy First

We only have access to databases that you choose to share with us. We do not engage in any selling, tracking, or analysing of your data.

NotionApps - Build apps from Notion databases in minutes | Product Hunt